Like most of history’s best inventions, the idea for Tack Tape came from necessity—otherwise known as my three kids, whose many athletic interests meant we were always dealing with some kind of sports-related injury. I noticed none of the athletic tapes on the market got the job done.

Either they weren’t stretchy enough and restricted movement or they weren’t strong enough to have any effect. Just like that, Tack Tape was born! More than just typical kinesiology tape, Tack Tape provides an all in-one, targeted pain relief and support for every area of the body. It’s comfortable to wear, long lasting, ideal for both prevention and relief of a multitude of injuries from a variety of sports including hiking, running, cycling, mounting biking, CrossFit, martial arts, yoga, golf, tennis, boxing, weight lifting, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, volleyball, karate, hockey—basically any sport which requires endurance and support.

Kinesiology tape has been around since the 70s, but exploded in popularity during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, when many athletes were wearing brightly-coloured strips of it on various parts of their bodies to provide extra support and promote injury recovery.

Nowadays, Tack Tape is a must-have for every type of athletic activity due to its multi-beneficial approach. Once applied to the target area, Tack Tape supports and heals weak or injured muscles, increases circulation and reduces swelling, getting you back to your game and helping you play your best.