Good Posture = Good Habits

With so much time spent on uncomfortable seats, slouched on sofas and hunched over computers, modern life puts a real strain on the back. Correct posture is important not only for the spine but also for blood flow, confidence, relaxed breathing and the health of nerves, muscles and ligaments.

First, analyse your current posture. Think about how you sit and stand, and take a moment to consider whether you can feel any pain, pressure or discomfort in your neck or back. Next, make yourself as tall as you comfortably can and roll your shoulders back and down. Find points in your daily routine where you can slot in these checks and adjustments – maybe when you sit down with your first cup of coffee of the day, when you get out of the car, or when you home or the apartment building.

Check that your environment isn’t impacting your attempts to work on your posture. Any chair you sit in for long periods should be comfortable, supportive and adjusted to the right height for you. Try to wear comfy shoes that cushion your feet. If your routine demands a lot of time spent in one place or position, take breaks to move around, stretch and shake out your limbs to release any tension that’s built up.

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