It’s kind of magic……….

Brain development

We’re told that exercise makes us feel better but it can be a hard sell if you have no compulsion to put on your trainers. If we’re not in the mood then its super easy to find an excuse not to work out. Suddenly alphabetising the spice rack seems much more important, but it is so worth the effort. When we exercise incredible things happen to our brain, a cocktail of feel good chemicals and hormones including endorphins and endocannabinoids ( which help regulate the function including sleep & appetite) are released.

Think of them as our body’s own anti-depressant which help to light our mood and ease our anxieties. Their effects can last for several hours after we stop exercising. If we are depressed and our circulation is sluggish, simply moving your muscles means oxygen flowed around the body. Your attention moves away from whatever issues you are carrying, cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop and endorphins are produced.

Brain connections
Exercise and brain development working together

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