Before trying Tack Tape, if you’ve never used kinesiology tape before, it’s best to check with your physical therapist to make sure you learn the basics of how to apply it properly based on your needs and goals.
The way you apply Tack Tape depends on the part of the body you’re treating as well as the condition you’re targeting. It’s usually applied in an X, Y, I or fan-shaped pattern.

Generally, Tack Tape is applied from one end of the affected muscle to the other while the muscle
is in a stretched position, using minimal stretch of the tape itself. The hypoallergenic adhesive
won’t stick or irritate skin, so you can apply it directly to the area that requires treatment..

Tips to ensure optimum Tack Tape application:

  • Make sure skin is clean of oil, sweat and lotions or creams before applying. You want to give the adhesive a smooth surface to adhere to.
  • After you’ve positioned your Tack Tape, gently but firmly rub the area in several directions to
    activate the adhesive.
  • Don’t stretch the Tack Tape too much when applying. When you consult a physical therapist,
    they’ll teach you the optimal amount of stretching required for the most effective results.
  • To ensure the adhesive has time to activate, don’t get the treatment area wet for at least an hour after applying.
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