Winter Recovery

Feeling great in winter can be difficult at times and can make you feel like not wanting to train at all but surprisingly their are some easy ways to boost your immunity and keep away from the cold: Simple Suggestions

Sip a Turmeric latte – Stir a spoonful of golden spice into hot milk to curb a cold and feel an inner glow. The key ingredient is cur cumin which boosts your immune system and mood too! My little inside secret is to add a pinch cracked pepper to help the body’s absorption.

Sweat it out – By stepping into a sauna you’ll stay warm and kick a cold as well. Studies have shown that when our core temperature is raised, it increases the cell activity associated with immunity defence.

A warm fuzzy cuddle from a loved one – Regular hugs don’t just make you feel warm and fuzzy , its also proven to lower stress and decrease susceptibility to infection and illness.

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